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Lottie Stannard May 27th 2002 2:20 pm

Tax Questions
Ok, I have been in the UK since Dec 1999 and not filed any taxes for the USA. Can
someone please tell me how I can a list of my earnings in the UK? I have most of my
pay slips but I dont have them all and I did a lot of temp work.

Also, not sure if it makes a difference but I am still working on a temp national
insurance number here in the UK.

Thanks in advance!

Ameriscot May 27th 2002 7:27 pm

Re: Tax Questions
You need to collect info on gross earnings for each calender year. If you have missing payslips, try your best to estimate what the earnings would have been, using your bank statements as a guide.

With your UK earnings, make up your own versions of the W2 for each calender year, and use these to do your 1040s. You have to convert everything to US dollars - the official IRS exchange rates can be found here:

If you have lost some of your original information, don't lose any sleep over it. Just do your best to estimate. I'm assuming that you will be a long way off actually owing any money to the federal govt, so the accuracy of your basic information is not vital. There is no requirement for you to attach British pay and tax summaries (P40D, I think).

You will not be asked for your National Insurance number.

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