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lisahill Oct 27th 2002 7:53 pm

So whats the deal with the whole canada/mexico thing ? Luv Lisa Hill
hey guys, me again. Still no furthur forward with the immagration deal and "Attorney twat-head" as I have now taken to calling him.
My visa waiver expires early november and I have been toying with the idea of just going yto canada or mexico for a week and then renetering the USA again.
What does anyone think ? Is it a good idea ? Are there dangers involed ?
I know very little about this whole thing...
So any advice would be great...
Luv Lisa

Englishmum Oct 28th 2002 9:20 pm


You need to be very careful. I'm certainly no expert, but I know that I've seen either on this website or the similarly named Discussion board (Immigration & visa section, in the older postings) that going to either Canada or Mexico is the worst thing to do. It's too obvious to go across the US border countries.

You would be better off returning to the UK or the INS will get too suspicious. If you go somewhere closer to the US eg. Iceland or Ireland, then I think you would need to stay there for a few weeks or even months before returning to the US on a visa waiver.

Other more experienced people post on these boards, let's hope they can offer more constructive advice for you!

How is it going with your useless Attorney? Since he has conceded that he was unaware of the INS rules and regulations (even as basic as not knowing what is printed on the green visa waiver tear-off stapled in your passport) then I think he jolly well should return your money to you. How on Earth did you ask him to act for you in the first place? :mad:

Englishmum Oct 28th 2002 9:32 pm

Lisa; I found the comments about Canada/Mexico:

Go to

Click on "Discussion Boards".

Click on "Visas and Immigration".

Go to almost the bottom of the page and see a posting titled "Worst Case Senario" (should be Scenario!) by British Cousin (he also has other postings just before and after this which you can see in the 'Poster' column).

Food for thought!!! :eek:

Englishmum Nov 4th 2002 1:53 am

I spotted this on another post, but here is a way to find an immigration attorney:

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