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crashcringle May 23rd 2002 6:36 pm

So confused...please help
Everytime my husband and I go through the paperwork, I seem to manage to come up with more questions. I'm getting so frustrated with all these and this is just the beginning. Hopefully things will get better after we submit all the papers...wishful thinking? Anyway, I truly hope someone can help me with this.

First of all, do I write my parents names as it appears on the birth certificate or the actual names they are currently using? Also, since my name is spelled differently (due to different dialect, to complicate matters) on my birth certificate, do I have to include it as other names used?

Second, on I-130, #17, do they mean husband/wife of relative? If so, do we write my husband's name (he's the USC) or just put None? Seems like a simple question but I just want to make sure that we fill it out right.

Thanks :) What'll we do without you guys...

crashcringle May 23rd 2002 7:23 pm

Re: So confused...please help
See what I mean? One more question...on form I-485, Part 1, if I'm out of status, do I still put F1 on current INS status? Or do I have to put "Out of Status"?

Tks again.

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