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Morkai Kurst Jul 17th 2002 8:20 pm

shipping - pretty urgent
I know this is slightly ot but since people here have some experience I hope someone
might have some ideas

My uncle in law to be in the US has found a pine farmhouse style kitchen table that
has captured his and his wifes heart on the uk ebay site. He's asked me if I have any
idea what the shipping charges might be before he bids for it. I've not yet started
to get quotes in so I can't be sure but I'm also not shifting any furniture and this
is only 1 piece, not sure if it that would make a difference in what he could use to
get it over there. Or is sharing a container probably still the way to go?

The bidding ends tomorrow so if someone could give me anything to tell him I'd be
utterly appretiative.

Thanks in advance


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