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Steve_ Sep 26th 2012 5:42 pm

Re: Seriously homesick - will a quick trip home help or hinder?
My advice (and what I do) is if for any reason I feel homesick towards the UK I go to Vancouver, which is pretty much the same except people drive on the other side of the road and there aren't as many roundabouts. Much easier to get to.

After being sat in crushing traffic on the Trans-Canada while it is pissing with rain, or paying outrageous prices for things, I find myself rapidly "cured".

New-and-unsure Sep 26th 2012 8:06 pm

Re: Seriously homesick - will a quick trip home help or hinder?
Thank you! These replies really do make me feel better. Having a better couple of days, probably because I have had things booked in (or at least, plans in my head). Need to start thinking about how I can fill up next week!

Some days I'm like 'we only have 14.5 months left, that's nothing' which cheers me up, then other days I think 'geez, even this time next year we'll still be here'.

Have my 20 week scan at the end of Oct so after that I'm going to allow myself to start properly baby shopping (plus hopefully we'll know what we're having). That should make me happy!

I really take my hat off to those of you who got arrived here on an indefinite basis but wanted to go home a lot in the first few months. At one point we were talking about coming here for 3 years. Pretty sure i'd have been throwing the towel in if that had been the case. As it is I think well we'd look silly if we went home before 6 months, then after that it's pretty much baby time, then by the time baby is old enough to fly we'll be kind of on the home stretch.

Anyway, thank you all again you lovely people!

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