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loubiblu Oct 9th 2014 10:57 am

School Transcripts
Flying out to Chicago again on 20th, this time with kids. Have arranged for school tours. Part of their correspondence re admission mentions copies of school transcripts. Anyone any experience with a UK equivalent? Have emailed the schools, but no response yet.


Sally Redux Oct 9th 2014 4:12 pm

Re: School Transcripts
In the US, every piece of work is graded and goes towards a 'grade point average' in that subject. As the UK doesn't have the same system, it will be a question of showing achievement as best you can. Someone will problem come along with direct experience. I would imagine exam results, syllabuses, reports and any records the old school has will be useful.

petitefrancaise Oct 9th 2014 7:42 pm

Re: School Transcripts
Depending on age, this info goes from useful for the school to have to imperative if you want your child to graduate...

take all school reports that you can. Get hold of curriculum for each subject if your child will be going into high school They will go through the curriculum and compare to the local one to decide if your child can be given credit for work already studied. Each school district has it's own policy and some schools are stricter than others.

Examination certificates to prove they passed the appropriate subjects.

Here, the school reports (transcripts) are not all " johnny is a brilliant student" type of thing but just a list of subjects being studied, all test results being shown and final grade, along with the cumulative GPA.

loubiblu Oct 9th 2014 8:04 pm

Re: School Transcripts
Thank you both, I'll contact their current school for curriculum stuff. Sadly (or wisely) I've kept all their reports.

Marc_ely Oct 10th 2014 12:17 am

Re: School Transcripts
How old are the children?

If they're young (elementary) you can also bring their old school books to show the new school. You may find they are far in front of the US schools anyway, and if you have evidence of the level of work they've been doing it will be easier to argue that they are maybe in the wrong classes, or need GATE testing etc.

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