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t1oje Feb 26th 2019 3:49 pm

Relocating to Dallas, Texas - PLANO or FRISCO?
Hi All

We are set to relocate to Dallas, Texas from the UK shortly and have stated looking at areas where we would like to live. Its been narrowed down to Plano or Frisco based on my research so far from what I have read on this forum and other sites, Plano West seems to have more recommendation but I have also read some excellent feedback on Frisco . I have searched the forum and not been able to find any recent information but if there is, kindly point me in the right direction.

I appreciate that individuals would have their preferences based on lifestyle, commute to work, general opinion etc but I would appreciate if I can get some thoughts on what the Pros or Cons are of both places which I believe would help me decide where to look when we arrive.

For us, the main focus are good schools(State or Independent), sensible commute to work (Carrollton) and lively environment which has activities to occupy the kids (3 and 6 year old).

Jack8602 Feb 26th 2019 6:37 pm

Re: Relocating to Dallas, Texas - PLANO or FRISCO?
Both areas are nice - I've been to both a fair bit over the last few years. there's tons of stuff in Frisco - i frequent top golf and nebraska furniture mart out there :D

I've found Plano to be busier due to its location and surrounding cities. Frisco, depending on what side of the town you'd be looking to move to, may be a bit quieter.

Depending on where in Carrollton your work is i'm guessing you'll be getting on one of 635, president George Bush turnpike, or Sam Rayburn tollway. All of these are busy in the morning 7-9am and 3:30pm - 6 or 7pm - can't avoid that - some have express lanes if you want to pay the variable toll charge instead of sitting in traffic.

For both locations, everything you need is within a short drive. There are numerous malls all within a 30 minute drive, or less, there are TONS of restaurants, entertainment, shopping parks etc. all combined in to one. You find loads of these on the sides of the major roads, 635 / 161 / Sam Rayburn. Both Plano and Frisco have parks and lakes nearby, I've been to both lakes - they have nice places to eat/restaurants, kids activities / hiking trails / biking trails.

Can't speak for the ISD's - don't have kids, but these can be looked up online for each area. If you're buying a house, check out the tax rates. Depending on what ISD you're in the taxes will vary based on your property value. Frisco will be more expensive for property compared to Plano, probably due to the location. If downtown major cities is important to you - Dallas will be your easy go to. I live in Mansfield, south between Dallas and Fort Worth, so both are similar distances - The wife and I if we go out prefer Fort Worth, I don't like the business and craziness of Dallas, especially the drivers. We've found Fort Worth to be much more chilled and laid back, with just the same things to do / places to go etc.

Grapevine may also fit your requirements. It's a little more expensive but the city is beautiful, with some really nice high streets, parks, golf course etc.

Feel free to PM me here or give me a shout when you're over and we can grab a beer! I work in Irving, just south of where you're looking to go.

Good luck on the move.

t1oje Feb 26th 2019 9:46 pm

Re: Relocating to Dallas, Texas - PLANO or FRISCO?
Thanks Jack806 for your response. I will take your thoughts on-board.

​​​​​​​Any other opinions/thoughts from anyone else will be appreciated.

petitefrancaise Feb 27th 2019 12:35 am

Re: Relocating to Dallas, Texas - PLANO or FRISCO?
nah. just come to Austin.... :rofl:

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