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captive Jan 8th 2002 6:53 pm

Hi, I'm a U.S. citizen thinking of proposing to my girlfriend in the next few months. She's currently in the U.S. on an H1B visa. Though her employer is not doing well financially, they have said they will sponsor her for her green card. She is not sure what they will pay for (lawyer, filing fees, both). She likes her job, but has some worries about the company's long term health, or even getting laid off.

She would have opportunities to travel on business outside of the U.S. if she wanted and that appears to be a problem for her on the H1B. She has a graduate degree and has been working for about three years.

Would the green card from getting married be faster, more certain, cheaper, etc? How long are the typical timelines for each? Would switching to another job be much easier for her in the time between getting married and getting her green card?

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