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Milliac Jul 24th 2001 11:44 pm

Thanks for your advise!!!


Guess I better get myself busy and get some new business, or hope my parents love my
fiancé as much as I do.

As far as only 3 months income under my belt, that is for this year only. I have been
in same line of work for about 10 years, with only a 3 month gap in between

And no…the terms with ex aren’t THAT good ;). We are


Income for 1998 was $62,000, 1999 was $ 46,000, 2000 was $26,000. My employer letter
and contract states currently earning $ 20,800 annual plus $200 for each mortgage
loan I close.

Ok. So does that also mean if I only claim 1 child for 2001, that my household size
will be 3? (me, husband, 1 child)

I have seen very few Spokane experiences with AOS, but from what I did read, people
are getting AOS interviews in about 1 ½ to 3 months. So based on that, there seems to
be a good chance of getting interview before 2001 taxes are filed. (Well IF NSC
hurries up with their part-Day 46 of waiting for 2nd NOA)

Rete Jul 25th 2001 12:21 am

$20,000 for a family of three is fine. You won't have a problem. Your prior year taxes are within the guidelines as well.


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