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Razor Oye Jul 24th 2001 8:43 pm

Well, Martha and I just returned from Maui after spending a lovely eight days overlooking the Pacific. The wedding, incidentally, was PERFECT on July 14. I am just glad that Montreal came through at the last minute and Martha was able to get her interview on July 5! It was very close, especially for the elaborate production that our wedding was. For a short while we were able to put the INS and all of its paperwork behind us!

Now, though, we are back and I am a bit confused and in need of help.

1. EAD - Martha passed through the border at the Peace Bridge, Fort Erie - but received no temporary EAD. So now we file in Houston for AOS and EAD. Is that correct? Does anyone know if she will be able to receive the EAD that day? I have heard of some referrals the same day - what are the chances?

2. SSN - I called the Social Security Offices and was told that she needs her K-1 visa, some forms of ID, birth certificate and to file in person and she would be able to get her SSN by phone in a couple of days as long as I ask for a receipt (which means that they have to enter it at that moment - a little secret she shared with me). I told her that we were married and that did not change her answer. But what I have been reading here states clearly that the moment we married, she could not file for a SSN. If so, then when and why not now? And, as stated earlier, we have not filed AOS yet.

As always, thanks for the help - it does much to settle our tortured (but married and together!) souls -

Martha and Jonathan

Date Sent: January 21, 2001
First NOA: January 30, 2001
Second NOA: May 24, 2001 (123 days)
Approval reaches Montreal Consulate: May 30, 2001
Packet #3 Mailed to Martha: June 1, 2001
Martha receives packet #3: June 5, 2001
Martha faxes checklist back to Montreal: June 5, 2001
K-1 Interview in Montreal: July 5 (ONLY after faxing a copy of the wedding invitation to get her date bumped up from early August! WHEW!)
Martha crosses border: July 6, 2001
Wedding: July 14, 2001

ms_bhon Jul 24th 2001 9:27 pm

Why didn't you go down to your local INS office with your K-1 stamp as soon as you arrived and file for your 90 day EAD?(Doh!)
You were eligable for one with the K-1. The same goes for the Social Security card. Now that you are married, your status has changed to "Awaiting Adjustment". You should try to march down to your SS office with the K-1 stamp in the passport anyway. Be sure they issue one that is work authorized. My then fiance/now husband got his in the mail in about 2 weeks. Make sure to have with you a copy of the imfamous "memo". Do a google search of past posts to find a copy. (try "Social Security memo" in the search engine)It may also be someplace on Doc Steen's site. (it used to be on Alvena's)
As far as AOS- depending on where you are you either apply for it in person, send it in, or send it to Vermont (if you live in Maryland). Make sure there is an application for a 1 year EAD along with all the other forms. Go to any of the sites like Jonathan's or Doc Steens and they'll tell you what to do.
Every location is a bit different when it comes to this stuff. Hopefully a fellow Houston K-1er'll be able to offer some advise.
Relax, its not that hard!

ms_bhon Jul 24th 2001 9:31 pm

here- read this,3&

Alvena Ferreira Jul 25th 2001 12:31 am

Razor Oye wrote:
Find the experiences of others at your office here: (I can't go there right now, as it appears I am
evidently blocked from the site yet once again, however I think I recall seeing
several experiences there which you may find helpful.)

As long as you have not filed for AOS, she is still k-1 status and should be able to
get a SS card, see Doc Steen's site in the AOS area, and you should be able to find
some help there regarding SS number, including a printable copy of the now-infamous
SS memo and link to the k-1 info on the SS website which confirms that SS will give
her a SS number.

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice; this is my personal opinion, posted
for the purpose of discussion only.
K-1 FAQ: Timelines: A great K-1 Site: Doc Steen's Marriage Visa Pages:

Rete Jul 25th 2001 2:21 am

I checked earlier in the evening. Don't see anything for Houston


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