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jaihanumanjee Dec 11th 2001 2:31 pm

Dear Sir,
I applied as an independent immigrant to Canada from US in August 2001 when I was on h1b and it is currently under assesment for interview or waiver.But I have now returned back to India and my processing is still going on in Buffalo Consulate.

By the way I left USA just in 15 days after my lay off in oct 2001 and also I have been to UK for 4 months from June 2000 to oct 2000 on workpermit.Also I am working in a reputed Indian company for now.

I dont know if I will get visitor Visa from india to enter US for the interview?Also by adhering to US immigration laws,I wont get any consideration?Will the same thing happen for F1 visa too ?
with regards
Amit kumar

Rags Dec 15th 2001 7:29 am

dear freind, you can do wat a freind of mine did. you can apply to the us consulate
for a visitor visa sighting reasons ( if it hasnt been that long sisnce you left the
US.) that u had to leave in ahurry and you have certain matters to sought out like
closing ur accounts and other things like your credit card and other stuff . also
there is new law that if you have had multiple visits to uk in the last two years you
can apply for tourist visa to us without the interview ( if they want they may call
you for one .) but dont say that u are going for ur Canda interview . then u visa
will def. be refused. for more info pls vsit just check this site
out and you will know wat iam talking abt

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