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Domino Sep 29th 2011 11:04 pm

Re: Passport Delays

Originally Posted by shanmarsh2 (Post 9645531)
Does anybody know if you can travel to Europe from UK without a passport,but useing new style drivers licence with photo as ID ?

as all other countries have ID cards you must carry your passport at all times when in Eu....

the new style photo driving licence is just that. some retailers may accept it as proof of identity but not authority when entering and leaving the UK, the UKBA are strict on this..
if staying in Eu hotel they will want to see your passport at best or keep it to copy for the daily police report...


Bob Oct 2nd 2011 4:36 pm

Re: Passport Delays
2 Years on from when this thread started, it's perhaps time to close it.

Processing seems to have gotten back on track for peoples renewals.

Printing of passports will be centralised in the UK from around now, and passport processing will be changing a little over the next few months, so the great info found in this thread will become out of date and possibly no longer valid.

If folks start to have problems in the future with renewals, they can create a new thread on the subject and I'm sure, Dean/ British Consul will be able to help out then. Though perhaps general enquiries should be left open in threads rather than pm'ing him specifically unless he asks for further information or it really is for emergency issues, so that he isn't completely inundated with requests for help of a general nature.

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