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Rete Jul 11th 2002 2:34 pm

OT: July4th Experience at Can/Am Border
Jim and I traveled to Kahnawake (outside of Montreal) Wednesday evening, July 3rd. We used the Lake Champlain crossing as usual. Normally there are only 2 or 3 booths open and one for the trucks. That night, although it was around 11:30 p.m., the trucks were backed up to Pointe Rouse, NY (about 2 miles) and every booth was open for business.

It was so hot that they were outside doing inspections rather than doing them from inside the booth. Canadian Guards were directing you to one booth or the other in an attempt to even out the lines. The examiners were very very thorough in their examination and I saw several cars being pulled over and sent to secondary inspection and two other vehicles with their trunks open for inspection. Fortunately for us we got an English Canadian agent this go around and although he was thorough in his questions, he was not a ball buster like the French Canadian examiners we have encountered in the past. Sorry if that statement ticks off French Canadians but it is true and I have been there to witness their harassment of my English Canadian husband when he attempted to enter his own country.

On the return trip home Sunday, we got to the border at 8:20 a.m. and already the lineup was almost a mile back. This time only 5 booths were open but again the agents were thorough. No sign of the National Guard but cars were being sent to secondary inspection and trunks were again being opened for inspection right at the booth. Jim didn't give them his Canadian passport this time around as he was experimenting. He only gave them his green card (which expires in a few weeks) and had no problem what so ever. Just the normal questions about where we were, how long were we in Canada, what purchases did we make (handed them all the receipts from our shopping sprees), and where we lived.


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