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OT/fluff:just gotta say Fiance Arrives Today!!

OT/fluff:just gotta say Fiance Arrives Today!!

Old May 30th 2001, 2:15 pm
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Dear Newsgroup:

Well, after about 5-6 months of document gathering, petition filing, waiting,a trip across the pond for my birthday, more document gathering, physical exam, visa interview, packing up of stuff, wedding and honeymoon planning,not to mention 3 months of in-the-same-city-dating and a year of long distance dating,my beloved fiance Paul arrives today from London to become my permanent housemate, and in two weeks, my husband! :-) :-)
Tomorrow it'll be a trip down to the Baltimore INS office to apply for his 90 day EAD, then Friday a trip to the Social Security office to apply for the card. (I'm armed with that memo...)
Then, I gotta put him on my car insurance, when we marry- my health insurance, as a beneficiary of my 401K, he needs to be put on my lease, Utilities account and phone bill. I've got the AOS forms already... we'll work on getting them filled out and assembled so that we can send them in shortly after our honeymoon. Can I use the same employer letter I used for the K-1 petition as long as I include current paystubs? I should think so... What about the bank letter? They will only be about 6-7 months old when I apply. I thought they'd be valid for a year- I think I read that *someplace*. Anyway, I most certainly plan on reading everything carefully and reviewing all of the adjustment of status websites and such.
Anything else I should know? Any advise for the *personal* adjustment of status? Hard to beleive both of our lives will be so drastically changed in such a short period of time. We're both fairly mellow and are discussers rather than arguers when issues come up. We have similar living habits, in regard to neatness and hanging round the house reading magazines and such. I'll be taking off work a bit early to go pick him up... Gee, I wonder how much work *I'll* get done this morning;-) ...
Anyway, thanks to all the NG'ers who have lended an ear and offered their experiences to help us through the process, and who have put up websites to help others figure out the procedures. I know you'll be hearing from us still as we tackle AOS. I'll tell Paul to post his POE experience on the website. (It's the kamya one right?- does someone have that link handy- Thanks!)
We also hope to have more on our site soon other than the one page...:-)
talking to you soon,
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Old May 30th 2001, 4:29 pm
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Congratulations Beth,

My Paul came over from the UK in Feb. At AOS filing we used the same employment
letters with current pay stubs. Also remember the 3 years tax returns or transcripts.
We didn't have a bank letter...the affidavit of support and employer letter sufficed
as income met the requirements.. I didn't even make enough on the last 3 years
returns...current income is what counts most. The first thing they asked to see was
the actual approval letter so be sure and have that! Even though you've talked
alot...it's always a bit of an adjustment to be in the same household. As long as you
realize there will be a few cultural differences...even from the UK, (seems they do
many things SO much better over there...so I am told!!... keep your sense of humor
(or humour as the case may be), and be willing to talk things out it will go well.
Sounds like you have everything well in order. Relax and enjoy your time getting to
know each other even better!

Old May 30th 2001, 9:02 pm
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Congratulations, Beth. I remember the joy... the elation... of the day Reinhard
arrived. =)
Old May 31st 2001, 4:50 pm
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oh wow! that is so encouraging. All the best. My fiance and I are just starting this
process. Keep your fingers crossed for us Rebekah

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