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Rourkus Sep 15th 2014 3:33 am

Newbie to the Bay Area
Hi I am Katie, originally from Huddersfield, uk and I have just more to Dublin, ca with my boyfriend Simon. Simon came here for work but my visa doesn't allow me to (yet!). I was just wondering if there was anyone around the east Bay Area in the same situation as me? Thanks!

Sue Sep 15th 2014 12:06 pm

Re: Newbie to the Bay Area
Hi Kate,

I'm not in CA , but just wanted to stop by and welcome you to BE!

mrlion Sep 16th 2014 12:03 am

Re: Newbie to the Bay Area
I'm not in the same position but welcome to the East Bay! Wonderful part of the world - perfect weather, lovely people, lots to do...

Rourkus Sep 16th 2014 12:09 am

Re: Newbie to the Bay Area
Thank you for the welcomes!

off_again Sep 16th 2014 5:05 am

Re: Newbie to the Bay Area
East Bay here too - Pleasanton. How are you finding it? Only been here 7 months myself, but wife and kids loving it!

Rourkus Sep 16th 2014 5:10 am

Re: Newbie to the Bay Area
Yeh it's great. But we don't know anyone so it's a bit quiet at the moment! Especially as I am not working. We are hoping to do a few more social things once we are a bit more settled. Any advice would be greatly welcomed!

off_again Sep 16th 2014 5:20 am

Re: Newbie to the Bay Area
Well, have you checked out what is happening in your area?

Try - Welcome to SF's Tri-Valley, the Sunny Side of the Bay! for a start and see what is going on.

I am sure that there is a classic car event in downtown Danville this weekend and there is pretty much always something on at the Alameda fairgrounds in Pleasanton.

I can recommend the farmers market in Pleasanton too, as its excellent, but I think there is one in Dublin too, so check that out! And don't be afraid to check out too. People in the USA are actually fairly transient and will move massive distances for a new job or opportunity - so they are more dependent on these types of things to meet people in their local area etc. Lots of things happening there.

We are lucky with kids and some great neighbors. But its not easy and I have heard that people have struggled to make lasting relationships sometimes. That said, my wife (who isn't currently working) took up tennis and knows a load of people through there - half of them are batty 60+ year olds, but thats OK, they are allowed to be a little crazy!

One thing though, we seem to have found the ex-pat groups already. Thats not a bad thing, but this is the easy option and not necessarily the best. And if you hadn't noticed, there are a load of ex-pats in the tri-valley area!

Oh and keeping fit is more of an occupation, if you hadn't noticed. So maybe look at some sort of keep fit thing for getting to meet people. You may be surprised! And worst case scenario - my wife is bored at the moment, so I am sure a coffee and a chat would always help - let me know!

mrlion Sep 16th 2014 5:23 am

Re: Newbie to the Bay Area
We have kids so that makes meeting people easy (it's just everything else which is excruciatingly hard…). If you have hobbies / sports you're into - this is the place - people seem to be very into their hobbies here...

If you don't…now might be the time to take one up…the cycling (road and mountain) here is unbelievable, sailing isn't too far away, they take swimming *very* seriously…

My sense is that Americans are incredibly friendly and welcoming but you don't have the equivalent of the pub where you just go meet people without some sort of context (shared interests, kids, work etc).

You might also consider volunteering - need to be slightly careful that it won't be construed as working [i am not an immigration lawyer etc etc] - but the volunteering culture here is impressive and certainly if there's something you're passionate about you will probably find a bunch of people who are also passionate about it…

Good luck finding your feet!

Rourkus Sep 16th 2014 5:28 am

Re: Newbie to the Bay Area
Thanks very much for all the advice! I have joined a netball team which meets once a week on treasure island and we are even considering some salsa lessons! We are members of a couple of meetup groups so hopefully will meet some new friends that way. I'm just not used to not working so spending my days talking to myself is getting a bit crazy! I will have an explore and look into some of the things you have both mentioned. And off_again if your wife ever does fancy a coffee let me know!

Thanks again!

SalopianFunk Sep 17th 2014 3:30 am

Re: Newbie to the Bay Area
If you're ever looking for something to do: Free & Cheap Events & Things to Do in the San Francisco Bay Area | Funcheap

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