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My K1 timetable

My K1 timetable

Old Aug 5th 2002, 10:41 pm
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Default My K1 timetable

Well at last I have my K1 visa and am in throws of clearing up my personal things in UK.
time table went as follows.
13th Dec 2001 INS forms rec by Fiance in USA
22nd Dec 2001 G325 received from her for me to fill in
3rd Jan 2002 All docs returned to Sigrid with Photos and cheque
10th Jan 2002 Sigrid receives the docs from me sends them off special delivery to INS Vermont.
11th Jan 2002 Police form collected and filled in and sent
24th Jan 2002 Police Form received back
7th Feb 2002 INS Vermont confirms receipt of the documents and would advise her when London was sent the file.
6th April 2002 Sigrid rang to let me know we had been accepted by INS Vermont.
24th April 2002 Phoned US Embassy London was advised by them that packet 3 had been sent on the 22nd April 2002
25th April 2002 Packet 3 received
26th April 2002 Passport pictures done as per the official rules
1st May 2002 Passport pictures collected Sigrid sends over copies of all her docs (just in case) and avidavit of support.
4th May 2002 All docs sent to US Embassy rec delivery
16th May 2002 Letter from Embassy with new DS 156 in it asking for it to be filled in and sent back done same day with note concerned as previous docs sent recorded delivery
12th June 2002 Got appointment letter and medical form
30th July 2002 Medical and Interview day
went to London previous day and stayed in the Union Jack Club in Waterloo. Any ex servicemen you can use this accomodation as a matter of right it is good quality accomodation from single rooms to family accomodation. Good food and a Bar I digress. Went by underground to Marble Arch and off to the good Doctor Phelans place, as said many time before there was a queue outside. I joined them and door opened at 5 mins past 8. we were ushered into reception room and given the pink folders. Placed my medical questionaire into it with pass port and photo and await my name. eventually i was called about 8.15 am went to reception desk and paid my fee by debit card. Given folder told to go down stairs and wait. The Chinese Lady Nurse called me in in about 5 mins to get a painless blood sample taken was then called to xray and told to strip off shirt and wait in cubicle then called in to get the xray. After that was asked to wait for the doctor. Doctor called my name and i was shown into his room. I was not impressed by him as he was acting like jhe had been called in at last minute he was quite brusk. I got a leg lifting session he checked my medical questionaire did not ask if i was circumcised so it sounds like only the Lady Doc asks that. A perfunctory listen to lungs and blood pressure check then it was mentioned that my blood pressure was a little high and to see my own doctor when i returned home. The the innoculation was mentioned and i agreed to have it there and then (£20.00) Was told to go back get dressed and wait for Xrays. Was given xrays and told to go upstairs and see reception ref the innoculation. A nurse then took me to pay for this and to give me the innoculation. Medical completed time 8.45am. Off to the Embassy a nice quiet stroll down to it not a lot of people about. Arrived at the Embassy compound gaurded by a security guard and armed Metropolitan Policemen. Had passport checked and told where to go. Checked in through building security and told the way to INS Reception. Went in and up to cubicle #1, and reported in, was told to take a seat. less than 5 mins later Hawaian Lady calls me to her cubicle. a point here no one has mentioned that these cubicles do not have seats and the counter is quite high short persons there were 2 ther this day have to stand on tip toe to be seen properly. Anyway she went through my documents and made copies of all those she wanted and took the avidavit of support and my passport the police search and gave me back my file of everything bar my inside leg measurement, told me to take a seat. 20 mins later the pleasant older guy who seems to be very popular with all who have gone before me called me over and gave me a short interview. How long had i known Sigrid, where did we meet, had she been to the UK and visited with me, when did i intend to get married, where were we going to live and had we got a place. Then he checked all my forms got me to sign and then told me as they were running early to go away and come back for 12.30pm. Went off for a coffee and a very quiet tour of Oxford street and eventually returned to the Embassy by 12.15pm. Waited with a couple with a very young baby, we chatted I was suprised that they dont give a processing priority to parents with very small childen and babies as they need so much more attention. Anyway they started calling people forward and handing them their Brown envelope and passports and at last my name was called I was handed my passport and brown envelope with an explanation by the guy behind the counter and and I left the Embassy with a spring in my step and a smile on my face, at last it had all turned out OK for Myself and Sigrid. Of course sods law intervened i had left my telephone book behind at home so I could not call Sigrid to tell her the good news till the following evening. I know my case took a little longer than some of those who went before but We both wish all of those to come good luck and thanks to all on the newsgroup a thankyou for your help with questions and information
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Default Re: My K1 timetable

Many congratulations Brian and good luck to you both for your future . regards,

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