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Mark deHeus Feb 25th 2001 11:11 pm

Hopefully someone can provide some adive to me on this.

On February 8th I submitted a K-1 visa application to the Nebraska Service Center. I have
not as of yet received my first NOA.

Since that time I have learned that the company that I work for is merging with another
company. This is probably going to result in my transfer to an office in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania (I currently live in Michigan).

Since Pennsylvania is part of the Vermont Service Center region do I need to have my
application transfered there ? With the quicker processing times at VSC it would be great
if I could do that.

However, I am concerned that my app could get lost in the transfer, or take months
to happen.

Also, how would I do this without an "case #".

Any advice would be appreciated.

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