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callowman Feb 14th 2009 1:08 am

Moving home
While we have "about" made up our minds to move to the UK, Im wondering about my yankee Mrs !
myself and our 2 girls have UK passports -but the wife is a yank

Does she have to get some kind of immigrant visa (the same thing I got to come to the US)?
also my UK drivers license expires in 2025- is it still valid? or have they changed ? (its got no picture)

will we be able to get the child benefit for the 2 girls?

also we will need a car, do they lease over there like we do here?

thanks guys

JAJ Feb 14th 2009 3:34 am

Re: Moving home
1. Wife absolutely needs a visa :
2. Your girls need U.S. passports as well as British passports, if they are American citizens. If they don't have consular birth certificates, obtaining these is also recommended.

3. Drivers license should still be valid but you will be expected to get a photocard:

4. They do car leasing, although you should understand thoroughly the true cost of leasing vs. buying a car outright.

If you don't have your American citizenship, you probably should consider it before you leave, it's the only way to keep open the option to return (eg if things go bad in Britain, or your daughters return to the U.S. as adults and you want to join them, etc).

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