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katlmoore Jul 5th 2011 12:46 pm

Move from UK to TX, quotes for container?
Am new to this forum, so excuse me if somehow break protocol. We are moving to Austin, Texas from Bristol, UK in Sept 2011 and I have been gathering quotes from international movers. We will not be shipping any furniture - just china, toys, clothes, artwork, household decorations and some sports equip. We are a family of 3 (child is only 4), and we dont really have that much stuff.

Have any of you used a company you can recommend?

There seems to be such a difference in price quotes and space we will need. I have estimated our stuff to be about 160 cubic feet. Nothing too heavy- and we are not too bothered as to when it arrives, only that we want a door to door service, i.e. no customs and waiting for our stuff at the Ship Channel in Houston!

Any advice and recommendations are greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you in advance - KLM

Bob Jul 5th 2011 1:24 pm

Re: Move from UK to TX, quotes for container?
Welcome to BE!

Have a search around, there are loads of threads on shipping stuff over, especially to Texas, mostly to Houston but I'm sure you'll find threads to Austin too.

If you're looking door to door, it'll really depend on who is contracted to do the local end.

Any place that doesn't send someone over to check your stuff for a quote I wouldn't use.

If you're not shipping anything large in size, it might be easier to crate it up and send it sea mail. There's info in the wiki about using various parcel type companies.

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