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loss Apr 7th 2011 5:24 am

MegaBus and Crossing borders
Megabus in the uk where amazing and used them a lot going places in the Uk (like £2.50 Portsmouth to Scotland return etc )
I planning on using them to go from Toronto - Pittsburgh - detroit and then tunnel bus to Windsor ,
Total Travel $4.50 Return Plus what ever the Tunnel Bus costs

Lot of people think its stupid, but I can't find anywhere cheaper than $70 to Windsor and Detroit, I also get to spend time in Pittsburgh which I would never have done otherwise,

my Biggest worry will be crossing the border, Back from Windsor to Detroit as they could refuse me.

I'm also planning on Toronto - washington - To new York back again and its lot cheaper to do it this way.
If anyone can figure out how to get LA for less $60 return then please let me know

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