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gatsbygirl8 Mar 22nd 2011 7:02 pm

Medicaid for USC family members
Let me start off by saying that I'm the USC spouse and DH is the UKC/PR. Our daughter is dual, but obviously entered the US on her US passport.

I've recently been approved for a medicaid medical card for myself and our daughter. I'm pretty sure this is fine for us as we're both USCs, but I thought I'd throw this out and ask if anyone else has done this? Specifically, we're in Illinois and I've been approved for aid through the All Kids/Family Care program.

When we first arrived in the US, we took out a private, short-term (6mo) "catastrophic" health insurance policy. We pay $250/mo with a $1000 deductible. As a result, we end up paying out of pocket for everything. The policy doesn't cover anything because we'll never meet our deductible. Then, when the 6mo were up, we renewed it for another 6mo and it all started from scratch again.

We're now almost at the end of our second 6mo policy and I'm fed up. Neither DH nor I have a full-time job (I work two part-time jobs) so getting a group plan isn't an option. We can't afford to keep paying for this useless policy, so I've decided to look into our state's public options. Originally, I didn't think we could apply for any state benefits due to the conditions on DH's I-864. However, after looking over the program website, it looks like that isn't the case and my daughter and I ARE eligible. I've since applied and been approved.

I know this is pretty much a moot point, but I'm just starting to worry a little that this might somehow conflict with the terms of DH's I-864. Has anyone else received state medical benefits? Are we ok as long as it's just me and our daughter, and not DH?

I've tried speaking with various people in the state's healthcare dept, but they haven't been too knowledgeable or helpful.

meauxna Mar 22nd 2011 7:12 pm

Re: Medicaid for USC family members
I've studied on the I-864 for many years; I'm not a lawyer or even very smart, but I conclude the same as you do.. the USCs are eligible for Medicaid, just not the immigrant (for his first 5 years here).

Michael Mar 22nd 2011 9:08 pm

Re: Medicaid for USC family members
You and your USC children (but not your husband) should be eligible for any government benefits that are available to any USC but benefits will likely be based on your total family income.

C_C Mar 22nd 2011 10:27 pm

Re: Medicaid for USC family members
Just something slightly off-topic:
Why didn't you look into an individual/family health coverage plan? Short-term plans tend to be exactly as you describe them: crappy, with minimal coverage and very expensive. From what I've seen they tend to mainly focus on covering emergency stuff, but for more day-to-day things (doctor visits, prescriptions, preventive exams etc.) they're pretty much useless.
Individual/family plans on the other hand can be much more comprehensive in their coverage (although still expensive :(). I can see why you may have not wanted to commit to a year's plan hoping that you'd find a job that would offer group coverage in the meantime, but I still think you would have been better off with an individual/family plan. The difference in rates isn't really that big!!

As for your actual question, I will second what the others have said.

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