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fat Feb 1st 2002 8:59 am

Just got back from London where i received a nice K1 visa in my passport for my entry in to the US...

My fiance has posted our timescale on another post.

All i have to add to what many people have said about the day is that the doctors wanted a full face passport photo for their files and asked us all to sign them when we went up to the desk to pay individually...a lot of people were'nt aware of this but fortunately i'd covered all the bases.

If anyone has any questions/worries about the day in London/doctors/embassy please feel free to put a question in reply to this post.

There are some good people in this forum who either offer sound advice to posts and/or link in to their websites which cover most of the visa processes and are hugely valueable as both a resource and a comfort zone.

My advice would be to do exactly what the INS/embassy
tell you in the form of process and documentation to the letter(some folks got turned away yesterday for not having an afffadavit of support and back up documentation)and along with this use the information given on this forum and the useful links and you should'nt go far wrong.

Best wishes.


Sharon Feb 1st 2002 9:30 am


What questions were you asked at your interview?

fat Feb 1st 2002 11:05 am

Hi Sharon,

First thing the interviewer said was "that i can see that you are not gonna starve as your fiance earns good money"...!!!

I was then asked how we met,what she does for a living,whether my fiance had ever been to the UK and for how long,whether i'd been to the US and for how long,when we were getting married,and when i intended to travel...
That was all i was asked...proof or relationship documents etc was not asked for...

Hope this helps.

Good luck with yours.


Sharon Feb 1st 2002 12:20 pm

That's super! You mentioned about the affidavit of support. My fiance's finances more than cover the poverty level guidelines so I have no concern at all with that. He also gave me a letter from his employer on headed note paper which confirms the salary, date started and what he is employed as and any benefits he receives. The tax forms however, we have applied for but have not arrived. As I understand it these are not required until AOS. Were you asked for any supporting evidence apart from the affidavit of support document?

Thanks again!

fat Feb 1st 2002 3:29 pm

As well as a letter from my fiances employer we also had a letter from her bank saying she was a valued customer etc as well as a statement from the bank detailing deposits over the last 12 months and the value of any savings accounts/stocks.

You need also to make sure you get the affadavit notarised in the US if you have not already done so.

I believe that tax returns are not required for the I-134 but will be required for the affadavit that has to be subitted at the time of AOS.I'm sure that those with more experience than i could confirm this on the forum if you were still concerned by this.

Other than the employer/bank details i was not asked to provide any further information nor was i questioned on any aspect of the document.



Sharon Feb 1st 2002 3:46 pm

Thanks Jeremy! I don't have a letter from the bank, I hope I don't get denied for that :( I did run out this morning and get some passport photos for the medical, thanks for reminding me of that!

Sharon Feb 1st 2002 4:09 pm

I just spoke to my fiance (woke him up!) He's going to run to the bank now, get it done and get it here in time for my interview :)

Rete Feb 1st 2002 4:18 pm


It is not a requirement. Your fiancee does not have to go to the bank. It is an either or type of list. You don't require all of the items. If he has sent you proof of his salary being over the 125% mark, that is sufficient.


Sharon Feb 1st 2002 4:23 pm


That's what I originally thought. Interview is Monday and reading the post I ran to the instructions leaflet and it is on there, but then I can remember people saying what you said, that it is either/or. I love you Rete!!

Oh well, he has gone now, do him good to be outta bed early anyway! Shhh don't tell him I said that :) hehe

Fran Feb 4th 2002 1:51 pm

Congratulations Jeremy!!

We are still waiting for out 2nd NOA, but have filed with the TSC - enough said on that for now! However, I do have some questions regarding the interview at the London Embassy:-

1) You mentioned about the passport photos - when I supplied the adit ones for the original petition I went to a professional photographer as the clarity of these are better than the booths - wold the ones from the photo booths be acceptable for the doctors at the Embassy or would it be advisable to go back to the photographer for these?

2) What was the cost of the fees?

3) Were you asked to submit any original documents that were applivable to your fiance e.g. Birth Certificate?

4) What questions did they ask you?

Any advices greatly appreciated and best wishes to you both!!


D4YTR1PPER Feb 4th 2002 3:32 pm

It sounds like you had the same guy that I did at my interview last week, with dark hair and glasses who talked to himself whilst he was looking through the paperwork?? He seemed scary when I was sitting watching what other people were being asked but he was great when I was up there.

My interview consisted of him telling me I wouldn't starve and that my fiancee's ADIT picture was funny. He then asked me where we met (on the internet) and when we first met in person. Then he told me that everything was fine by him and if I passed the medical I had the visa. That was it.

Whilst the day was a lot of nervous waiting around, it really wasn't that bad. It just seemed like a procedural, handing forms over kind of thing rather than an interrogation.

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