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mickyboy Sep 27th 2002 9:37 am

K-1 London question
hello everyone

does anyone know how long from the embassy recieving my forms to them sending me an interview date,i sent the forms on the 12 sept garenteed delivery on the 13th which i checked on line with the post office and it was signed for at 8am on the 13th, how long should i leave it before i start to panic? i am ment to be flying to Dallas on the 2-3 november and getting married on the 7th december.
my other question is ...can i work while i am waiting on my social security number if i have an EAD.
one other thing, i downloaded my forms from the embassy web site and on page 4 0f DS-230 which i know doesnt get sent i take it with me to the interview it says, question 33a do you want the social security administration to assign ytou an SSN,has anyone gone down this road and if so did you still have to go to the ss office when you got to where you were going.
and i hope i havent confussed to many of you

Mopput Sep 27th 2002 2:27 pm

Re: K-1 London question
Hi Micky.

I sent the embassy all my forms mid-August. They registered them on computer as
ready on Sept 9 and the wait is 6 weeks or more after this I'm told. You can
speak to someone direct at the embassy about your case by ringing 090 61 500
590 but be warned - calls cost £1.50 per min.

Good luck,

Sioneva Sep 27th 2002 9:10 pm

Re: K-1 London question
If I recall the timeline correctly, my fiance sent in his forms mid-July, around the 23rd I think, and he got his interview date notification in the mail just about three weeks later. His interview was then scheduled for September 9th, so, total, about six weeks turnaround from sending in the packet to interview date.

I must say, you've set yourself a tight timeline! Our 2nd NOA was July 11, and it was only then that we set our wedding date for December 15!

Good luck :)


rogerpenycate Sep 27th 2002 10:46 pm

Re: K-1 London question
Just to clarify, you send in DS-230 pt 1 asap (this opens a provisional file for you)
You then take pt2 with you to the interview (although they do send another pt 2 with your packet 4

I went to the SS office the day after I arrived and recieved the number by phone 3 weeks later (it would have been quicker but the lady who was dealing with my case was "off sick" and nobody picked up my case from her desk)
The actual card arrived a couple of days ago so 3.5 weeks
(could have been) 2.5
You will need the actual card for opening a bank account and
for the driving test (in Virginia anyway)

Timelines seem to be 3.5 - 4 months from initially filing in London.

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