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icantthink Feb 15th 2002 9:53 pm

Interesting articles about TSC
Here is a trip report from an AILA attorny trip to the Texas Service Center:

Part I, Overview:

Part II:

Part III:

Some numbers to think about from Part II:

125,000 square feet - size of the St. Augustine Road Facility;
80,000 square feet - size of the North Stemmons Freeway facility;
381 - total number of INS employees at the TSC;
485 - total number of INS employees that will be employed at TSC once the new hires pass the background checks;
1.5 million cards - number of green cards processed by the TSC (Note: TSC does the prep work for ALL permanent residence cards issued in the United States. Once TSC processes the information, the "green cards" are manufactured at a facility in Kentucky);
900,000 - total number of EADs processed at TSC last year;
374,000 - total number of active cases currently pending at TSC;
67,000 - total number of employment-based adjustment of status processed at TSC each month;
103,0000 - total number of pieces of mail processed every week at TSC;
7,000,000 - total number of petitions processed by INS last year;
9,400,000 - total number of petitions expected to be filed with INS this year.

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