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Terrier Oct 22nd 2005 12:03 pm

InfoPass in Chicago
Just a quick note to let anyone who plans on going to the immigration office in Chicago to take a book!!!! Made an appointment after receiving approval of my I-751 in the mail, made the appointment for 9-10am, got there at 9am the place was hopping. Finally go to see the officer at 2-10pm, didn’t help that the numbers screen died on them at about 11am!!!!

Just as an FYI I noticed a lot of people said when they went for this type of appointment, not necessarily in Chicago, they only need 2 passport photos even though the letter asked for 3. I was required to hand in 3 so pay the extra $8 just in case!

Gave the I-551 a workout over the Mexican border last week as I was there for work and everything worked great!

Next trip, home over Thanksgiving, first visit since I got here 3.5 years ago!!!

6 more months then apply for citizenship!

BigDavyG Oct 24th 2005 2:34 pm

Re: InfoPass in Chicago
Heard that the queues can be pretty brutal there.
I just moved to chicago in July so if you have any tips about living here or know of good places for Brits to hang out I'd love to hear them.
As pointed out on other threads even though us brits are meant to be famous for queuing the yanks have plenty of them. Have now gone to the DMV 3 times to try to do my road test and each time the queue has been at least 3 hours long and I've still to get to the end of one.
Will try again on Wednesday but its really starting to get beyond a joke :(

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