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gabbleg Feb 14th 2002 2:10 pm

I-485 question...
Hi there....

As I previously posted I have just started wading through all the immigration forms that I have to fill in following my marriage.

On the I-485 it has spaces for 'A#' and 'Social security number'..

I dont have a clue what the A# is ....and I dont have a US i use my old british SSN, or just put 'none'??

All help is very appreciated.

Rete Feb 14th 2002 2:16 pm

Re: I-485 question...
the A# is your alien registration number. If you were a K-1 recipient you have an A#. If not, then you put none in that space. The same with the SSN ... put none.

The INS is not asking for any other countries' social security numbers. Only those issued by the US government.


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