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SSP Jul 14th 2001 3:18 am

does anyone know if my spouse can open a provisional file with the US embassy in London, before being contacted by the NVC. We have an approval notice from the INS.


The Highlander Jul 14th 2001 4:00 pm

"SSP" <[email protected]> wrote

Yes you can, do it ASAP. The London Consulate website has INS pages, and includes an
address to use to obtain Packet 3, you can download he forms also, if you like, and
an address to send them to.

Xtrynytix Jul 22nd 2001 6:27 am

Yes you can indeed open a file. Contact the Embassy and ask for the papers. They will
give you an address (sorry I cannot remember it, its in Glasgow with a PO Box number
that escapes me). If you send them an SAE, they will send you all the files.

The number I call for the Embassy is 0207 495 0551.

Good Luck!

Becki (and Mark)

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