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icantthink Feb 12th 2002 1:36 am

Are there usually long lines for the initial stamp? I will be going to the Newark office on Wednesday (which is an appointment-only day) and just wondering if I need to get there at 2 AM or can I get there between 8AM and 12 noon
like the letter says.


Guest Guest Feb 12th 2002 6:12 pm

Thanks for the reply - I should clarify that Wednesdays are when they don't
allow walk-ins.

I don't have an appointment, but the letter says to come in on Wednesdays. Just
wondering if there will be a huge line for all the "walk-ins" for passport stamping.

Guest Guest Feb 12th 2002 9:50 pm


Did you have an officer stamp the passport? I am asking because there is a
discrepancy in my approval letter in that my date of approval is more than 2 years
after my marriage date, but the adjustment class is conditional. So I need them to
correct that in the paperwork and give me the correct (unconditional) stamp and the
correct plastic card.

Just wondering if the person stamping will be able to do that.


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