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webster2007 Jan 3rd 2010 3:39 pm

Hoping to meet expats for wisdom...

My husband and I (Paul and Suzy) are planning to emigrate to the US in the summer 2010, but need a bit of advice/help in deciding exactly where.

A bit of background info...I am a dual national UKC/USC and Paul is in the middle of the visa process, only now needing for me to obtain a job for affidavit of support.

I am a science teacher, and have previously taught in North Carolina, back in 2004, and so I have a 5 year teacher's licence upto 2014. From research I see there is some need for high school science teachers, and am applying from this month for the coming school year, and that I will be in the country at Easter if they wish to interview me face to face.

So we're popping over at Easter to look around NC, SC, Atlanta, and parts of East Tennessee, and we would really appreciate if there were any expats in those areas who would be willing to meet up with us when we are there, to chat about experiences and provide wise words of advice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as there is only so much we can do from the UK.

Many thanks in advance!

privateinvestigator Jan 17th 2010 4:34 am

Re: Hoping to meet expats for wisdom...
I live in Knoxville Tennessee and am from the UK. Have been here 11 years, would be glad to talk to you and your husband about it.


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