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gabbleg Feb 13th 2002 1:42 am

Hi there...

I have just recently got married while in the USA and am now wading through the sea of immigration forms.
I wondered if anyone could help me with the following...
Do i fill in the forms with my new married name or my maiden name??? ( I have marriage certs of course)
Where it asks for an 'alien registration number' do i just use the number on my I-94??
On my EAD application it mentions a 'blue signature card' that included in the form?? I downloaded all my forms off the internet so its hard to tell if anythings blue!
Finally...any advice on getting the medical and fingerprinting done??

Thanks for all the help and a wonderful site...sorry if any of the questions are a repetition of ones already posted, but i am just trying to be extra careful :))

Shelley Feb 13th 2002 4:28 am

Answers below


Married name - unless you plan to continue to use your maiden name


An Alien Registration Number (or A number as it is called, because it starts with an
"A" ) is found on the visa that you were issued to enter the US - unless you entered
on the VWP or from Canada - in which case you don't have an A number and should
write none.


You do not need this card. After you file the I-765, you will receive a letter to
come in to your local INS office and then they will give you the blue card to sign.


You need to find an approved civil surgeon in your area


Your local INS office will send you a letter after you file your AOS as to when and
where to go for fingerprinting. You will need to include the fingerprinting fee with
your AOS paperwork.


You should go to Doc Steen's site and read the section called Tourist Adjustment.
This will give you all the information you need, plus helpful hints and examples of

Also you don't mention where you are filing - you should be sure and check what the
filing procedures are at your local office - most require mailing of all forms, but
some require filing in person of some of the forms

Take Care. Shelley

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