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ambyuk Jul 23rd 2001 4:01 pm

I'm from the UK, filing AOS/I-130 [well, my husband is!] and I've just seen a page saying I need to obtain a British police report before I can file AOS... please tell me this isn't true! If it is, we can't file on Wednesday like planned. I entered the US legally, etc. etc. and am living with my husband now in the States.


Rete Jul 23rd 2001 4:23 pm

I just d/l the instruction sheet for the I-130. Where do you see that you need a police clearance from the UK in order to file the I-130?

Many couples have filed the I-130/I-485 while the spouse has been inside of the US and they did not have to get police clearance from their countries before filing.

Please clarify where you saw this instruction.


ambyuk Jul 23rd 2001 6:33 pm

I saw it on...
On this page:

Under "Application in the US" it says a police report is needed. I hadn't heard of this before, and I didn't think it was the case, but I thought I'd better check before we file!


Rete Jul 23rd 2001 6:41 pm

Perhaps they were talking about the I-130 where the foreign spouse is still residing in their country and not in the US. There is no requirement for it on the I-130 that I can find.


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