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britishguytous Nov 16th 2001 9:24 am

I am currently a British male going thru a divorce. I have a teenage son. On the completition of my divorce I want to move to US to marry a lady who I have met.

Can anyone help with the following:

Obviously I will be paying maintenance for my son what is the siutation there does this stop me leaving the country?

Also my future wife is working in the States so can't really come here for any length of time to marry and then we both go down the route of going back to States, if we marrried in UK how long would we need to reside here before applying to go to US?

If we married in US whats the best route, marry and apply or fiance approach?

Also if we are married whilst waiting to apply for residency can I (a) stay there in US (b) seek work or does she have to support me.

Any help would be gratefully received

Thank you

Grinch Nov 16th 2001 10:31 am



Go and read every word of this site. When you have done this, read it again. Then
come back and ask questions


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