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Xisle Sep 28th 2021 1:15 pm

Re: Help…NJ Drivers Licence
After driving in NJ/Manhattan for over 30 yrs I’ve learned to adjust.
Firstly,in Manhattan you need to drive like a Cabbie.Never worry about anything that’s behind you.Never indicate.You can make a turn from any lane.
In NJ,avoid driving any vehicle with NY plates.You WILL be a target for abuse.(Fu*# off back to Staten Island you fu#*ing dip$#[¥ )
Same advice for NY……
NEVER expect a cop to give you the “Benefit of doubt “.You ARE guIlty and a source of income.
When pulled over for a traffic stop,assume the cop with his hand on his gun is as scared as you.
Get EZPass.
If the Station Wagon in front of you is a Crown Victoria driven by an Hasidic gentleman,stay well away and assume they are a cabbie in training.
At the DMV be prepared to spend the day there.If you get in and out in under four hours consider yourself to have had a good experience.
nb: personal secret DMV testing station Newton NJ😎

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