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dprajesh Feb 1st 2002 7:56 pm

Hi There,
1- I came to the US on a Visitor Visa and changed to an H-1.

2- I never had my H-1 Stamped(still having B-2 multiple entry stamp and current I-94 which I received with my change of status application valid till 2004), If I wants to get the Visa Stamping where will I need to go (Mexico, Canada or Kenya my home country)?

3- If I have to go to either Mexico or Canada and they deny me or tell me to get it stamped from your country, will I be allowed to re-enter the US or will I need to go from that Country to my home in Kenya?(I have H-1 I-94 but in passport I have stamping of B-1 multiple entry).

and how safe it is to get it stamped from maxico.what are chances?
can somebody share their experience got h1b stamped from B-1/B-2 at canada or maxico.

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