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Mikie2468 Aug 6th 2001 4:58 am

Hi all,

Sorry for the boring affadavit question.

This is our sad story. I came over to the US about five weeks ago on a K1. My fiancee submitted an affadavit of support at my interview, because at the time she was earning well over the 125% line.

Unfortunatly she lost her job on Friday, thanks to the accursed dot-com apocalypse. I'm not working yet either, so she plans to apply for unemployment benefits straight away.

We will be married on Sept. 8th. Here's the problem - where we are, wages are typically low and jobs scarce, so she will have trouble finding employment above the 125% line anytime soon. There is no obvious choice for a sponsor for the affadavit.

How will this affect our adjustment of status? Will the benefits be a problem?

At what point during the process do we have to file the affadavit? Straight after the wedding, or later?

Bearing in mind we have a complete set of paperwork for the first affadavit, is it possible that our present sorry state can be "overlooked" by the INS, or is this just asking for trouble?

Advice/speculation/general comments and thoughts are welcomed; thanks for your time.

Mike & Erin

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