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sunflower Feb 4th 2002 2:17 am

Hi everybody:
I heard if I go back to U.S boarder from Mexico. FBI will check fingerprint in the INS building. I am worried about it because I got arrested one time for domestic violence before in U.S. The case was dismissed, and the charge was dropped. I guess I won't have trouble to come back U.S to continue my study. Here is my question:
1. What FBI will check through the fingerprint checking?
Do they just look for certain bad people or they
check everybody's criminal record in the INS boarder building?

2.If I fly back to an U.S airport fro Mexico, I suppose they won't do any fingerprint check in any U.S airport. Is this true?

I have not seen my families for 6 years. I can't wait for a day to see my Mom and families. Please help. Your helps are greatly appreciated. Sincerly: Pat

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