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Mikie2468 Dec 11th 2001 3:07 pm

Hi all,

I'm a K1 holder, waiting for my AOS interview (which is scheduled for Feb.).

I need to renew my WV learner's permit, which my dumb ass allowed to expire. Last time I applied I had no problems, because when I got it I was well inside my K1 expiration date. I don't have a UK driver's license.

Now my K1 has expired, and although I've filed for AOS and am perfectly legal, I don't have anything proving this except for the receipt I got from the INS office, which looks like any other cash register receipt, and my 1-year EAD.

I can't see any minimum-wage slave at the DMV understanding that these prove I'm legal and entitled to a drivers license, especially with all the post-911 broughaha.

Are there any documents (that the DMV will understand) that prove I'm not out of status? Has anyone else been in this situation?


guestguest Dec 11th 2001 3:09 pm

As I understand it, the EAD should be sufficient.

Mikie2468 Dec 12th 2001 3:46 am

So it proved. Thank you for setting my mind at ease. :)


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