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bwelburn Apr 24th 2002 11:01 pm

DCF London - Form 169?

I am about to send off my Form 169 (I have collected the relevant documents) to the US Embassy in London. Is there anything else that should be sent with this form, as far as I can see I only need to send this form and wait for an intervie or am I missing somthing?

How long is it taking to get the interview after the Embassy receive this form?

For the section 'Date of Propsed Travel' - is end of July reasonable? will I get my interview before then?

Thanks for your help.

Qwikhog Apr 25th 2002 3:40 am

Re: DCF London - Form 169?
From the time my UK fiancee sent her checklist in, it was about 5 weeks till she got
packet 4 with the interview date of May 8th. This took a bit longer than expected,
but once I called them to ask what was taking so long, it was sent to her within the
next few days! So expect about 3-4 weeks.

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