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mmhendrie Feb 17th 2011 6:26 pm

Re: Credit Card Advice
I'm not too sure on how to play the 2 of each other - I think i'd be tempted to use the Capital One a bit more, as it has a very low limit, and good management of it would encourage them to increase the limit.

I wouldn't over-think it too much though. All this stuff - good score, good history, it all takes time. Get yourself in a comfortable good spending habbits that you are controlling, stick with it, and good things will happen with time.

There's some great info on the below link on what type of factors can damage your score, and what impact that can have on loans etc.:

and I think that's the rule of thumb - the positive stuff takes time, you're establishing a history that shows your reliable to lenders, and that doesn't happen overnight. Meanwhile, getting something wrong shows lenders you're unreliable, and that can have an impact overnight!


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