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khabibiuf Jan 16th 2002 3:07 pm

Hi all,

I am filing the I-765 (authorization to work) for my wife who is on a k3 visa. What is the correct address to use for mailing? The latest I-765 form on the INS website includes the K3 as a category. The one they mailed me doesn't. On the website form they give a special chicago address for K3 category.

I recognize this address because it is similar to the one i sent the k3 applicatoin to. The p.o. box is exactly the same as the k3 applicatoin address but the zip code is different. Could this be a typo or something?

The zip code for the original K3 application was sent to 60680. The zip code listed on the I-765 form is 60607.

- khabibiuf

Rete Jan 16th 2002 3:45 pm

Use the form that you can d/l and print from the INS website and you use the address they tell you to mail it to.


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