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cybersid Feb 11th 2002 5:27 am

My B1 visa application has been rejected twice, the details being hereunder:

No. Date Employer
1. Dec 11 2000 Trigyn Technologies, Mumbai, India
2. Feb 7 2002 Patni, Mumbai, India

My query is whether the ?postal application only for the next two years? restriction is applicable to B1 visa only or to H1B and L1 as well.

The reason for the B1 visa rejection was "intending immigrant".


James Donovan Feb 12th 2002 1:20 am

cybersid <[email protected]>

That's very broad. How old are you? Do you have relatives here? Girlfriend here? Are
you good looking? (I am serious, and no I am not gay.)

Those could be one of a million reasons why they could deny you.

In answer to your second question, your B-1 rejection wont have anything to do with
H-1 or L-1 visas as those are dual intent.

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