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lvlT Dec 6th 2001 9:38 pm

Matt received a letter from the INS today. It stated the following:

Office location: (Address of Helena office)
Date and hour: January 14, 2002 at 8:30 AM
Ask for: DAO
Reason for appointment: I-485 interview Bring hi-lited items only. Bring Originals of photocopies sent.
Bring with you: this letter, any travel documents you may have, proof of current Immigration status, birth certificate, marital evidence (if applicable) completed form I-693 medical/vaccination, 3 correct photos form G-325, completed I-864 affidavit, with supporting evidence, and an objective translation of any foreign documents. Bring your spouse or petitioning parent.
If you come to your interview missing any of the required documents, your paplication will not be be approved, and YOU CAOULD ADD MANY MONTHS OF DELAY TO THE PROCESS. Therefore, please make every effort to come to your interview fully prepared.
If spousal petition, bring with you proof of joint residence such as bank statements, rent receipts, leases, mortgages, and joint credit. Bring in original documents of all photocopies submitted, and if you do not speak english bring in a translator who is not related to you in any manner. Thank you.

The only items hi-lighted in the letter are the "completed form I-693 medical/vaccination" and "Bring your spouse".

So do we need to take everything else? Should we just call Helena and ask them if we need the joint account statements? And what does DAO mean?

That's the whole letter. Included in the package was a list of doctors in our area where Matt can get his physical exam and the I-693 supplemental form.

Also, we're moving January 1st to a different city. Should we file the change of address before the appointment or just take it in w/us?

From what I'd heard/read, AOS appointments were taking 11-13 months from the date of filing. Ours is exactly 6 months to the day from our wedding date. Guess the INS is picking up a little speed. Maybe it's just in our area...

Anyway, can anyone help us out?


Rete Dec 6th 2001 11:17 pm

DAO = District Administrative Officer

Bring what you feel comfortable bringing in addition to what they asked for. If you feel better knowing you have financial proof of your marriage, bring it. Also if you feel that you want to show off your wedding photos, etc., bring those as well.


lvlT Dec 7th 2001 4:07 am

Thanks Rita.
I was kind of worried about us needing to bring the joint account info and it causing a problem in the process.
What will Matt's status be if the AOS gets approved?
And what about the change of address form? Should we just turn it in at the interview?

Thanks again...

Andy Platt Dec 7th 2001 11:16 am


His status will be permanent resident (conditional); you will probably be asked to
verify your current address anyway but make sure they do note the change of address.


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