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vikki Nov 13th 2002 8:48 pm

Anyone out there?
Hi, I've just moved to Hoboken, NJ from Bournemouth. Found this site by accident, but would love to hear from anyone who is in the same area, believe it or not I have been here 4 weeks and still not bumped into a Brit!

Also, this is my very first time to the US (and its permanent!) so any information or help you guys have out there would be more than welcome! Would love to hear from you!

One question, does anyone out there know if Hoboken is a better place to be living rather than Manhattan? - bearing in mind I dont have ridiculous amounts of money to spend on rent - anywhere else you can recommend?

suebo Nov 14th 2002 5:15 pm

Re: Anyone out there?
Hi Vikki,
Hoboken is supposed to be a pretty decent area and is supposed to have good night life too. I have only driven through there a couple of times, but have friends that have lived there. There are a few Brits your way that are on this forum. So I guess you will hear from them when they check in :D

idiotnonsavant Nov 15th 2002 4:29 am

Try as their discussions are more social than here.

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