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"practicing" law - doesn't money exchange???

"practicing" law - doesn't money exchange???

Old May 21st 2001, 1:59 am
Robin or Larry
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Hello all, Not been around in a while and boy, did I peek in on some strange
goings-on! Also, not read all the info on Alvena and Jonathan's possible
problems.......But.....from what I've had time to see, how childish the Kentucky Bar
Association seems to me. Guess they're pissed more people don't need them to get
through the immigration process. Common sense tells me that someone would have to
charge for their 'services' to be considered practicing anything. Since when was it
unlawful to give advice? No one's forcing anyone to do anything........ This whole
gaffaw kinda makes me embarrassed to be a Kentuckian. Sheesh.
Old May 21st 2001, 2:44 am
Alvena Ferreira
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Robin or Larry wrote:

You may want to read the exact wording of the Kentucky KRS statute on this, in order
to reach a more educated decision about law practice in Kentucky:
http://www.crossingthebar.com/KY-UPL.htm The primary statement that you may find
enlightening is the supreme court's statement about what constitutes practice of law
in Kentucky: (quoted from the above URL): "The practice of law is any service
rendered involving legal knowledge or legal advice, whether of representation,
counsel or advocacy in or out of court, rendered in respect to the rights, duties,
obligations, liabilities, or business relations of one requiring the services."

Although I am not a lawyer, as a layperson I really do not see anything in that
statement that talks about any money changing hands at all.

Old May 21st 2001, 3:03 am
Robin or Larry
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yea, yea, yea.....I 'could' read the book, but in many ways, isn't 'not' reading the
book why most of us are here???

Alvena, I'd guess that the majority of us here on this group would rather deal with
people who have 'been there, done that', than with 'the powers that be". The ones who
have lived what we're going through are the ones who can be trusted. I was grasping
at straws with the money exchange thing. Remember on Matlock, when the kid solicited
Ben's services with a dollar bill? Matlock said that since he'd 'paid' him, that was
his retainer. Oh well. Call me an ostrich with my head in the sand. I'm not going to
read the legit info about practicing law in Kentucky. Bottom line, I think it sucks
that you had to take your site down and are not going to answer any private e-mails
(although I can understand why you did it. It's YOUR ass that could be in a sling,
not mine. If the tables were turned, I'd put a hold on everything until I could
figure out something too.)
I/we'll just miss you, that's all. Robin
Old May 21st 2001, 3:14 am
Robin or Larry
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Okay, okay, I read it.

'legal' knowledge. Hum......seems you're posting about first-hand experiences most
times to me. Should there be anything unlawful about that......Man. I can imagine how
you feel your hands have been tied.......... Good luck Alvena. I sincerely hope the
issues you plan to present to the powers that be shed some light. Robin
Old May 21st 2001, 9:13 am
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The lawyers complain that it is so hard to convict UPL, because the definitions are
so vague, but this was just how they once wanted it once. It allows prosecution with
very little evidence.

I hope you find safe harbour from their rules in the answer from the KBA. Wouldn't it
be nice to visit without all this fear and drama?

I can't see how posting answers to specific question will ever be allowed, so except
for anonymous posters, I think we'll need to refer people to the appropriate section
of a very comprehensive website, or a super-faq, which includes even the questions
that aren't so frequent. It can be done.

Thinking good thoughts,

Kirby and Esmeralda (ah, there she is. I thought I'd lost her)

P.S. In Virginia money has to change hands (but that exception may only apply to
lawers - they take care of their own)

This is a bottom post. It just doesn't look that way

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