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J Randolph Jul 27th 2001 2:04 am

Administrative staff in the Document Section of St. Luke's Medical Extension Clinic
in Manila are refusing to accept U.S. K-1 Fiancee Visa Applications if the applicant
does not provide "Love Letters" as Evidence of Relationship. When questioned as to
where in the official instruction letter (recevied by the applicant from the embassy)
this requirement is indicated, clinic staff refer to the Evidence of Meeting
paragraph 2f. This paragraph only suggests submitting one or two photos.

Apparently, the staff are confusing the Evidence of Relationship requirement in the
I-129F Petition with the INS regulation that requires applicants to have met within
the last two years. Consular officials appear to be equally confused as well.

Only a consular officer can request additional evidence AFTER he/she has reviewed the
Petition, Visa Appplication, and supporting documentation. Clinic staff are NOT
consular officials and are NOT authorized to refuse applications on those grounds. If
the fiancee has submitted all the documents listed in the official instruction letter
from the embassy, then the clinic staff MUST accept the application and forward it to
the embassy.

filipina Jul 27th 2001 8:13 am

hay naku, one posted at mag-anak that a clinic staff said that emails are not acceptable evidence of relationship. They want snail mails. The problem with some filipinos specially they old generation, is that they refuse to accept that email communiation is a universally accepted medium of communication.
Anyway, you can't do something so be prepared when they asked you love letter via snail mail.
YOu join mag-anak and hear all the people there.

leopa Jul 29th 2001 12:13 pm

j randolph wrote:


I may be wrong, but for some reason I suspect a form of voyeurism on their part. They
must be get their "jollies" out of reading people's love letters. Larry

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