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sherry9oct Jan 29th 2018 7:29 pm

Travel booked on soon expiring passport
I bought tickets for my wife and son traveling to Pakistan from Canada. My son has Australian passport expiring in August and my wife has Pakistani passport expiring in Dec same year. My wife and my son will be leaving in Feb and will be returning in July. My son and wife has NICOP (citizenship card like Canadian PR card that lets you into the country with visa) due to which I think entering Pakistan will not be a problem and due to Canadian PR card I believe entering Canada will not be a problem. But they are traveling through United States and transit requirements for United States same as entering the country so will United States stop her from traveling to Pakistan. Our plan was that my wife and son will apply for passports when they reach Pakistan.

Will my son and wife be allowed to transit through US?
Will Qatar airline allow them to board the plan? (My wife called the airline but they told her to talk to US embassy)
Will Canada allow them to leave?
Will Pakistan allow them to enter?

BritInParis Jan 29th 2018 10:15 pm

Re: Travel booked on soon expiring passport
Your son won't have a problem with a US transit if holds an Australian passport providing you apply for and receive his ESTA beforehand but your wife will presumably need a transit visa. If they are transiting through Doha then they will both have a problem as Qatar requires at least six months validity.

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