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Default Please tell me Why

Please tell me why !!!!

I have tried to get help from any and every source that I would think cares.
It would seem however that those that I thought would care, don't, or have
no interest or intent in helping. This confuses me as almost every where I
turn, others are asking for my help in their efforts. Weather these efforts
are for children, families, lost souls, helpless and homeless, hungry and
poor, sighted or hearing in paired, physically or mentally challenged, or a
host of other reasons. We are brought up with the teachings to help those
that are in need. Our religions ask for our prayers. Our jobs, local and
government agencies, as well as private charitable organizations continually
approach us for contributions for the charities they have aligned themselves
with. Our National government, in nearly everything it does, either asks for
or shows how we as Americans can help those that have suffered in foreign
countries, not only nearly every day but almost every hour, in every speech,
in every motion.

I have written Senators, Representatives of Congress, News Papers, Television
Stations, and agencies and I have yet to receive help from any of them with
the exception of one, a Representative of congress, Representative Kerin
Thurman. In all, I have sent out requests for help numbering in the near
hundreds, with just her offering help and giving her efforts, of which sadly
had little or no effect. As to the media, not one has replied. Not to even
say that they were sorry, but they could not help.

We teach, have been taught, and are told to write your Senator and government
agencies when you have needs, questions, or concerns. After trying to follow
the trails they send you on, I have sent these Senators and government
agencies my questions, my concerns, and explained my needs to only receive
form letters back telling me they thank me for my views, they will contact me
by mail if i provide them with my address of which I have. I will state that
alone with Rep. Thurman, one of them, Senator Bill Nelson, sent me a form to
fill out giving him authority to act in my behalf, however I have never heard
back from him, and he happens to be MY Senator from Florida.

I am including one of the letters I have sent to our Government officials and
after reading it, "Please tell me WHY," no one can seem to help.

Dear Senators, Representatives, Dignitaries, Media and fellow Citizens of the
United States

On August 3, 2001 I traveled to China to not only be with my Fiancée of 6 months, but
also to acquire information for an application that I intended to file, that was
pertinent to the application of form I129F. In doing research through the web on
government pages, I was confident in what was needed for this application. I felt
that to try to acquire this information through the mail would be an endless effort,
and take and exorbitant amount of time. While in China, my Fiancée and I acquired
nearly all the legal documentation from her government. Due to a slight incident
while there, I missed my flight back and had to wait for an additional 10 days to
return to the states. This was to our benifit as several papers arrived during this
time. We were however able to enjoy our time together through all this though, and
felt that we would soon be together here in America as husband, wife, and family.

I applied for a Fiancée Visa through Immigration on September 21, 2001 after
receiving the last of the required documents through the mail. Immigration
finally approved my application, after I had contacted Representative Karen
Thurman for help with my case, on Feb. 7, 2002. Upon receiving this approval and
it stating that my case had been forwarded to the Consulate General in Guangzhou
China, I tried to call the Consulate General to acquire information as to there
being a closer American government Consulate or Embassy that my fiancée could go
to for the required interview. I could only get an answer machine, which within
its messages told me that this process for my type of application would take
between 4 to 6 months. This would be a total of at least 9 to 11 months from the
date of filing, and only if all were proper with my application, and my Fiancée.
I then tried to contact the Consulate Generals office by fax and e-mail. I also
again, contacted Representative Karen Thurman to see if there was anything that
I could do to expedite the process. After approx. 60 days I received a reply
through Representative Thurman's office, stating that they were the only
Consulate that handled this type of Visa, and that it would be at least 6 months
for them to process my application. The Consulate also stated that they could
not start the process until they received my application from Immigration, which
usually took 2 to 3 months. This now brings the time frame to 11 to 13 months
for my fiancée and I to be together here in America. They also stated that my
Fiancée would have to travel to them, a trip of approx. 2500 km, of which I
stated would be a hardship on my Fiancée and her daughter, something the
consulate doesn't seem to have much concern of.

In all our government claims to be, I ask of you the following;

1. If our government is for the people, why is it seemingly that the government
rushes to the aid of nearly all other peoples of foreign countries before it
tends or acts for is own. Point in fact, write to the president at
[email protected] and in the form response you receive, requests for
help to others of foreign countries will be asked of you before your question
is addressed, if its addressed at all. WHY?

2. Why is it that people can live within the United States with expired Visa's
simply because those people have no other country that will claim them as
citizens, and our government knows and allows this. Keep in mind that they
have jobs that we as American citizens should hold.

3. Why and how is it possible that known dead terrorists, can get extensions on
their visa's, and the only reprimand our immigration department receives is
the reassignment of the 4 personnel involved to a different department? Does
this mean that next time, the terrorists won't be dead? Or why is it that
students get far less scrutiny than those that want to become citizens of the
United States and live a healthy and prosperous life with those that they
love and who have vowed to be their sponsors.

4. Why is it that it takes the Immigration department 2-3 months to send a case
to a United States Government Agency in a foreign country, when it takes any
one of us 9 to 12 days to send a package weighing 5 to 8 pounds to any
citizen in that same country

5. Why is it that it takes so long to acquire approval from our government
agencies to marry the ones we love when a goal set forth by our President
is totally and blatantly ignored? I refer to a speech made by our
President on July 10,01 of Immigration and its complexities and burdened
ordeals of applicants. Of how every immigrant needs to be treated with
respect and fairness

6. Would you not be totally upset and infuriated if your government told you
that you could not be with your loved ones until they said it was ok? Even
after providing ALL the Legal documentation that they required? Where is the
respect and fairness here?

7. How can the President state and then put into legistration "Promoting strong
Families, Safe Children," and put so many obstacles in our paths to acquire
the same? How can he state that family life is what he believes in, and
stands for, when all one can get from writing him for help, is a form
response stating that if its important, his aids will inform him.

8. How and why are some of our own government officials blown off by those
government agencies designed to help us as citizens? I refer to the answers
that Representative Karen Thurman has received from not only the immigration
department, but also the consulate General's office of China in her efforts
to help me with my case.

And the list goes on and on. I have far more contradictions that seem to
never end.

Each day I call my Fiancée in China, and each day I have to tell her that I still
haven't heard from my government as to when she and her daughter will be allowed
to come to America to be my wife, and for us to be a family. I have to try to
explain to her that I don't know how these other people can come to America
before her. I have to try to explain how people without Visa's can stay here. I
have to try to explain all that she sees of our country on her television
networks, and I can't. With each of her tears, my heart breaks even more.

I am asking for your help in making me believe all that I have told my fiancée
about our great country and government. I am asking for my rights as an American,
a Veteran, and a man committed to family. I am asking why my government says I
must be patient and then expects me to wait on them for 11 to 13 months to
realize a life of happiness, a right guaranteed to every American by the
"Constitution of the United States"

I implore you, please find it in Your heart to help us.

If you should know of anyone that I could contact who might be able to help,
please write to

[email protected]

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