a mess??

Old Apr 11th 2001, 10:06 am
Andrew Vocino
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Default a mess??


I am an Italo/Australian citizen sent by an Australian company to the US to work
for their branch (100% owned) in the position of Financial Controller. I am an
MBA graduate.

I have worked for the Australian company 8 months as a whole: 5 months hired through
and agency as a temp, and 3 months on their books as a 'casual' employee. I entered
in the US with a waver which is going to expire June 9. The company is considering to
hire me in the US permanently as Financial Controller. I am considering the position
as well, and would like to move in the US bringing my wife, who at the moment is
working in Australia.

I have looked at various possibilities: L1 visa and H1B visa. I don't think I have
the prerequisites for the L1 as I haven't worked for the Australian company for one
year during the last three years. Also I a am aware of all the advantages that an L1
visa would give me, as I can switch it in a green card pretty easily and in a shorter
term, maybe four months. The H1B instead, is a different cattle of fish, as the
procedure is much more demanding and to switch it in a green card, takes much longer:
one year?.

Do I have any other options other than the H1B visa? And if YES/NO will be my wife
able to work in the US if I have either an L1 visa or an H1B? And if YES/NO, how long
will it take her to be able to work in the US. These questions are crucial for me as
the possibility of having one or two people working in my family changes the whole
perspective and attractiveness in coming in the US.

Thank you in advance - I'd very much appreciate any help and suggestions.

Andrew Vocino
Old Apr 12th 2001, 1:40 am
Sumedha McAdams
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I'm not sure about the rest of your questions, but as far as I can tell, spouses and
dependants of H1b and L1 visa holders are NOT allowed to work.

Hope that helps,

Sumedha McAdams
I am NOT a lawyer, this is NOT legal advice Consult an immigration attorney
when in doubt

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