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MDUdall: New NSC report is out, lets write them a letter

MDUdall: New NSC report is out, lets write them a letter

Old Apr 11th 2001, 10:47 am
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The latest NSC processing time report is out, and you can find those numbers on my
page located at http://members.aol.com/MDUdall/sctimes.htm

One odd thing about the current report: It failed to list the processing "To" and
"From" dates that normally appear on the reports. These figures normally do appear on
the reports, and I believe they were omitted this month due to an error either on the
NSC'S part or on AILA'S part. Since those numbers do not change that much from month
to month, and since I believe they will reappear on the next report, I have not
modified my table or deleted those numbers on my table.

Unfortunately they still do not list a separate processing time for I-129f's and
instead just list them for I-129's. I wrote the director a letter on February 15th
asking him to start listing the processing times for I-129f's but as I said, this
latest report does not include those figures.

I'll send him another letter, and I'm putting out the call for everybody who has an
I-129f filed, or soon to be filed at the NSC to also send Mr. Way a letter urging him
to start listing processing times for I-129f's. If he gets enough of them, maybe that
will get some results.

Here is a sample letter you can use to model your own letter. Your help in this
letter writing campaign is appreciated.

Best Regards, Matthew Udall Attorney http://members.aol.com/MDUdall/fiancee.htm
Copyright 2001 Matthew Udall


USINS, Nebraska Service Center Attn: Center Director, Mr. Terry Way 850 "S" Street
Lincoln, NE. 68501

Dear Mr. Way, I am (put your name here) and I live within the jurisdiction of the
Nebraska Service Center.

I have filed an I-129f petition for alien fiancée with your office on (put in the
approximate date you mailed your petition, or the notice date if you already have
your receipt notice). (If you are about to file your I-129f, instead say something
like, "I will soon be filing my I-129f petition for alien fiancée with your office").

I am aware that your office puts out a monthly report concerning the processing times
for various petitions and applications filed with your office, and I see those
figures republished on various websites maintained by attorneys who are members of
the American Immigration Lawyers Association. However, I also notice that your
monthly reports only list the processing time for I-129's, and it does not include
the processing time for I-129f's.

I am writing you to see if your office would consider breaking out the processing
time for I-129f's on your monthly reports you provide to AILA.

According to an AILA-NSC teleconference report dated 09/13/2000, it was asked, "Is it
possible for your processing time report to be any more specific on I-129's? For
example, the processing time of an L-1 petition is considerably different than that
for an H-1B. Is there any way to further break this down so that our client's
expectations will be more realistic?"

Answer: "The NSC is adjudicating all non-immigrant I-129 cases within 30 to 45 days,
so the NSC does not see any value in breaking out timeframes for different
classifications for which an I-129 would be filed. The NSC will break out I-129f
(fiancée) petition adjudication times".

So, if I understand your office's answer correctly, your monthly report for "I-129"
does not include processing times for I-129f's. Therefore, I'm writing you to see if
you would be willing to start listing processing times for I-129f's on your monthly
reports. I know it would be very helpful in my particular case, and I'll bet it would
be very helpful to other petitioners who check these reports every month. It might
even reduce the amount of time your office spends answering Congressional inquiries
from those who think their case has become lost or is overdue.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

Best Regards,

(List your name)
Old Apr 11th 2001, 11:07 am
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OK, my new letter is on its way to Mr. Way. Anybody else?
Old Apr 11th 2001, 1:24 pm
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Mine is in the mailbox, ready to go out tomorrow.

Thanks for the template!



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