How Long to Citizenship ?

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I'm a PR since over 4 years. I understand I could apply for citizenship 3 months in
advance (that is, 3 months before having my GC for 5 years) . How long does the whole
process take , from the moment I apply until I become a naturalized citizen? What are
the usual waiting times for each step ? I'd be more interested in other peoples'
experiences rather than general answers but would really appreciate any help. I've
tried consulting a couple of local immigration attorneys and got the usual b.s. and
no clear answers . Before I start spending real money I need to know where I stand
and what to expect realistically.
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Sylvia Ottemoeller
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matt wrote:


The answer may sound to you like "the usual b.s. and no clear answers." The usual
processing times in the lists on the web are probably about as good as you are going
to get. See

The process is for you to file Form N-400 with the INS Service Center for your state.
The INS Service Center does the initial processing. Weeks or months after initial
receipt, it notifies you to get your fingerprints taken. Later, the INS Service
Center transfers the case to the INS district office for your residence. The INS
district office eventually calls you in for an interview, at which you will undergo
the examination. If all goes well, you will be called to a swearing-in ceremony a few
weeks or months later.

I have personally known several people who went through this in Los Angeles. Right
now it's taking about a year from filing H-400 to swearing-in, but there is some
variation in processing times. Your best source for current information about timing
is a local immigration attorney who does a lot of naturalization cases. If all you
get is a range of times, that's reality.

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